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Our approach

From Concept to Customer - Our Focus is on Quality and Delivery

We have the facilities, expertise, services and accreditations to help design, innovate and optimise processes for manufacturing and packing your products.

We are a trusted partner and respected industry leader providing a comprehensive range of outsourced contract manufacturing services and offer unparalleled experience in helping Customers at different entry points on the project to add significant value.

Our exemplary MHRA regulatory compliance record ensures that we offer a best-in-class service to each and every customer.

Committed to Quality

We are a highly ethical pharmaceutical contract manufacturer with quality credentials that underpin all our ways of working.

We have a dedicated quality team (including Qualified Persons) who maintain our 25+ year exemplary MHRA regulatory compliance record (with a 3 year inspection cycle) and accreditations.

Collaborative Consultancy

From early on in any project we have a collaborative approach with a dedicated team member from the Quality, Operational and Commercial area of our business to create efficiencies and ensure products are compliant, meet budget requirements and are released on time.

Over 150+ GMP trained operatives can work on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a quick delivery of an order

Work is performed and products are stored in a wide range of tailor-made environments with a variety of classifications.

We can design a production process with our development and engineering expertise to suit your needs.