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PharmaPac UK has launched a new manufacturing and filling offering. PharmaPac recently bought in a hot mix liquid manufacturing vessel, alongside a bottle filling line capable of filling a variety of sized bottles. PharmaPac, who last year celebrated their 25-year anniversary, are now manufacturing key products for market-leading customers and anticipate to produce more products in the near future. PharmaPac's Managing Director, Gareth Lewis, said of the partnerships 'The collaboration with our customers has been excellent and we look forward to a number of partnerships for years to come'. This continued investment demonstrates PharmaPac's desire and commitment to future growth in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare market.

Congratulations to all the team at PharmaPac for successfully passing the onsite MHRA audit this week. This was a great result for the site & our colleagues. We will continue to drive for further improvements in our standards and compliance for the patients who take our medicines and to ensure PharmaPac is a partner of choice for our customers

Last month PharmaPac produced its 1,000,000th serialised pack for our customers following the recent investment with TraceLink and Wipotec. The continued investment in additional equipment, people and processes ensure we provide industry leading contract manufacturing and packaging services to the industry. If you need support with serialisation or contract packaging and manufacturing, do not hesitate to contact our commercial team via timwright@pharmapacuk.com & jamesmcdermott@pharmapacuk.com to discuss your pharmaceutical primary or secondary packaging requirements.

PharmaPac is extremely proud and excited to have been able to recently support our sister company Vector Consumer, a start-up specialising in building consumer healthcare brands, with the product development and manufacture of their skincare brand SOLV. SOLV. targets young consumers with an affinity for skincare innovations, and offers clinically proven skincare capsules, namely mono doses of the serums and oils in an on-the-go format. PharmaPac delivered an end-to-end solution for SOLV., from material and component sourcing to packing the whole range. SOLV. launched in the UK this summer through its own online store and this October on Amazon UK and Tmall Global, the largest B2C platform in China. ‘We are proud to be part of the SOLV. journey and international success and excited to further support Vector Consumer in their new product development initiatives for SOLV. and other brands to come’, said Gareth Lewis, Managing Director at PharmaPac.

Sunday 10th October is World Mental Health Day and the goal of this is to help raise mental health awareness and help those with mental illness live better lives. Over the last year it has become even more important to look after ourselves and each other. We are all aware of the need to look after not just our physical well being, but our mental well being. In support of World Mental Health Day, PharmaPac have invited our Occupational Health Practitioner to give a talk on “How to Look After Your Own Mental Health”. In addition we know that a break can be really helpful to refocus your attention and taking a moment to recharge alone gives you time to reflect on yourself and understand why you are feeling the way you are. This short pause can actually help reboot your brain to be more tuned in. Therefore, on Thursday, to coincide with the talk PharmaPac will be providing toast or fruit to help colleagues make the most of their break time.