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PharmaPacs’ decades of experience and technological knowhow in manufacturing a wide variety of bulk materials in the pharmaceutical sector, whether it be liquids, creams, gels, oils, salts or powders enables us to meet all of your needs today and for the future in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.


Our meticulous approach and systems gives us the ability to have full traceability from raw materials to finished products at every stage of the process. All our chosen suppliers are appropriately audited for you and we choose only the most trusted global suppliers needed to give you the highest level of quality and confidence. All requested testing is performed by our fully MHRA audited testing laboratory prior to its next stage in processing.


If you have a special manufacturing requirement not identified here, please enquire as our wide industry knowledge and expertise will enable us to find a suitable solution to your manufacturing needs from concept to full commercial realisation.

MHRA Accreditation

At our MHRA accredited facilities we can manufacture existing and new formulations or provide innovative solutions for your hard-to-manufacture products. We have a MHRA inspected Quality Management System and validated MRP/ ERP system – meaning you can trust your product with us. Due to strict adherence to our audited processes, we will deliver in line with your agreed specification time after time.


Our GMP status is achieved through our MHRA Manufacturers Licence. This level of quality oversight is critical to manufacturing a product that can be trusted by our customers and end users.

Our On-Site Facilities

Our vast site covers over 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing, filling, packing and storage capabilities and we have 3 manufacturing suites with a variety of room classifications appropriate to the regulatory requirement of the products we handle. These manufacturing suites are overseen by fully trained manufacturing operatives and quality managers working on a variety of shift patterns to meet customer demand.

“We use our operational, engineering, commercial, buying and quality resources to give you a first-class, end to end solution.”